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Free Aura Readings



About two weeks ago, I completed one of the most powerful workshops I have ever attended. It was a course to learn how to read people’s auras, to “see” what is held in the chakra system as well as in the electromagnetic field of the body. In the last year or so, I have realized that I already have the ability to “read” or sense the story the physical body is carrying: pain and suffering, stored emotional memories, blocked or imbalanced energy, and so on. When I do healing bodywork/yoga/energy work with a person, that feeling or sensation is even stronger; it guides me throughout the healing process. In the aura reading workshop, I learned that I can also “read” or sense stored memories in the energetic field around the body (aura) as well as in the energy centers within the body (chakras). These past memories or blocked energy patterns come to me as images and messages.

These insights are useful in better understanding who we are, why we are facing the challenges we face, and what things we might need to become aware of. This process can lead to profound healing. This is the key to my healing work that I have been seeking. I feel that I am finally fully equipped to address the whole person: to help folks integrate mind, body, emotion, energy, and spirit.It is truly amazing.

As part of my ongoing training, I need to complete 120 readings, the first 70 of which I am offering for free. A reading takes about one hour, plus some time to process what has been revealed. I can do a reading in any space; all that I need is two chairs on which we sit facing each other. I can also do the reading at a distance; I record and send the reading as a file. Looking forward to sharing this amazing experience with as many folks as possible.

Kelly Owen
[email protected]