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is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that supports and promotes sports and recreational organizations with interests in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community of the greater New York City area.

Out of Bounds advocates and actively works for the acceptance, visibility, and active participation of members of the LGBT community in professional, amateur, and recreational programs without regard to race, gender, age, or sexual orientation.

Out of Bounds produces and promotes programs that focus awareness on the LGBT sports and recreational resources in the New York City region. Although the primary purpose of Out of Bounds NYC is to serve the LGBT community, all are welcome to participate.


Expand awareness of LGBT sports and recreation resources through inter-group communication, events and media coverage
Actively support existing athletic organizations
Create outreach programs targeting under-represented groups
Assist in the formation of new sports and recreational environments
Establish forums for dialogue on issues in the LGBT athletic community
Promote local, national, and international sports competition
Establish communications network with similar organizations in other cities
OOB Board of Directors

Jeff Kagan,
President & Treasurer

Jeff is one of the co-founders of Out of Bounds. He is well known in the LGBT Sports and Recreation Community as the co-founder and Director of the New York City Gay Hockey Association as well as the co-founder and Treasurer of the NYC Gay Basketball League. He has co-produced Sports Ball with Amy Lesser, which raised over $50,000 for the participating groups to date. In June 2003 Jeff was the recipient of the AOL Time-Warner Andrew Heiskell Community Service Award for his volunteer work with gay & lesbian sports issues. Jeff has appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, in a segment entitled "Puck Buddies" and has also been featured in Dan Woog’s book, Jocks 2, a compilation of real life accounts of the coming out experiences of gay athletes. In 2008, Jeff was named Sports Out Loud Magazine's Athlete of the Year.

Will Smathers,
Vice President

Will is one of the co-founders of Out of Bounds, and a former President of the organization. Professionally, he is a grant administrator at New York University where he also lectures in linguistics and cultural studies. He is a former senior director of the Fulbright Program for Asia and the Pacific Rim and has lived and worked in West Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Will has been active in a variety of sports for many years, including karate, tennis, skiing, equestrian sports, and cycling. He is a member of the Gotham Knights Rugby Football Club, Front Runners NY and Fast ‘n Fab Cycling Club.

Benjamin King,
Vice President

Ben King has been a part of Out of Bounds since 2005. He has over 15 years of rowing experience including mens' sweeps in college at a Division I Boston school, and several years of master's level rowing on a regional adult mens' team. His recent experiences include the World's Masters, and national and regional regattas. In the past he rowed at the first Stonewall regatta in 1994, and at the 2006 Montreal Outgames. Since 2007 he has been coaching crew at the high school level. Ben works for the State of New York.

Byrne Harrison,

Byrne is the Pro Bono Coordinator at White & Case LLP and a drama critic for various online sites. He has been a member of the Gotham Knights Rugby Football Club since 2002, where he has served as Vice-President and chair of various committees. Byrne has been involved with Out of Bounds as a member of the advisory council and Board of Directors for three years.
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